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Product properties

Why SLAMDAM© Just a few good reasons:

Rapidly deployable

Easy-to-handle boxes and simple set-up ensure rapid deployability in cases of emergency.

Simple construction

The power of simplicity is our starting point, based on the extreme flexibility of the SLAMDAM©.

Emergency services

The essential link, in fact, in emergency situations for Water Authorities, Fire Departments, the Department of Waterways and Public Works and disaster specialists.

2-person assembly

It takes only 2 people one hour to build a 100-meter emergency dam.

Protect your premises

A flexibly deployable solution for keeping to a minimum the damages to a premises due to flooding.

Agrarian Sector

The effective basis for inundation of (agricultural) lands but also, for example, for the creation of temporary basins.

17 Sep 2018

A few weeks ago we won a prize with our SLAMdam at a defense event against flooding. A competition against other flood defenses and sandbags with a combined inexperienced team of defense, water boards and Rijkswaterstaat. They had never worked with the slamdam and yet we have won a prize in the field of the smartest, most effective and simplest way to fight flooding!
Nice article in the promoter, Promoter 156 Summer 2018 - magazine of the defense:)

#SLAMdam #stopflooding #Defence #waterboards #Rijkswaterstaat #nomoresandbags

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26 Jul 2018

Last Monday our partner MSS Defence demonstrated our SLAMbridge GXS Gap Crossing System to the commander of the #Royal #Marines. It was a beautiful and successful day.The GXS provides the English marines with extra capacity to easily and quickly overcome obstacles.

#GXS #UK #Defence #SLAMbridge #SLAMdam

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12 Jun 2018

GXS SLAMbridge can also be used at parties and events!

Temporary bridge over a ditch so the guests can easily park their car and do not have to walk a far distance.

#renting #GXS #SLAMbridge #SLAMdam #events #party #fast #easy

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