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Product properties

Why SLAMDAM© Just a few good reasons:

Rapidly deployable

Easy-to-handle boxes and simple set-up ensure rapid deployability in cases of emergency.

Simple construction

The power of simplicity is our starting point, based on the extreme flexibility of the SLAMDAM©.

Emergency services

The essential link, in fact, in emergency situations for Water Authorities, Fire Departments, the Department of Waterways and Public Works and disaster specialists.

2-person assembly

It takes only 2 people one hour to build a 100-meter emergency dam.

Protect your premises

A flexibly deployable solution for keeping to a minimum the damages to a premises due to flooding.

Agrarian Sector

The effective basis for inundation of (agricultural) lands but also, for example, for the creation of temporary basins.

12 Jun 2018

GXS SLAMbridge can also be used at parties and events!

Temporary bridge over a ditch so the guests can easily park their car and do not have to walk a far distance.

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30 May 2018

The last couple of days we have been experiencing heavy local rainfall in the Netherlands. So bad that basements are completely flooded!

Through this way we would like to let you know that SLAMdam also has the solution for the private sector.


The HOMEdam has been specially developed for the private sector and offers the solution to quickly create a temporary barrier.

For more information go to our website or send an email to

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28 Apr 2018

We hope that you all had a great king's day!

For us the king's day was certainly successful as we were allowed to use our new concept STOPdam at King's Day in Eindhoven.

This is a public-friendly measure to prevent vehicles from entering the public. Also a nice article about our new innovation @Omroep Brabant

More information about the STOPdam is coming soon!

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