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Simple construction

A simple construction as starting point

The SLAMDAM® excels in its simplicity. The highly stretchable EPDM material forms the basis for two connected compartments - by means of a specially developed membrane - that have to be filled with water simultaneously. This will create a very solid emergency dam.

When water exerts external pressure on the SLAMDAM®, the compartment under stress is pushed 'slightly' upwards, whereupon the second compartment 'slots in', thereby ensuring the requisite counterpressure. This counteracts a lever-effect. Moreover, this will enable the SLAMDAM® to provide maximum resistance to pressure exerted by high water levels.

A SLAMDAM® can be erected by two people, using good pumps. When every second counts ...

  • Roll out the SLAMDAM®
  • Position the SLAMDAM® with 2 cm of overlap
  • Fill the SLAMDAM® with water
  • Seal the caps
  • The water barrier is ready!

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