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A modern and durable tool

The Agridam has been specially designed for the agrarian sector. Based on the unique properties of the SLAMDAM®, it is possible to apply inundation in a simple and effective manner in order to combat soil-related diseases with water, without the use of chemical agents. This method is being used more and more often, since the use of chemical agents is becoming increasingly problematic.

With a length of 8 metres and a height of 40 cm, a retaining height of 30 cm can be achieved. And, with only 2 people and a good water pump, the SLAMDAM® can be easily set up as an effective basin for inundation or, for example, as a temporary reservoir.

A SLAMDAM® requires little space and is therefore easy to store. Assembly and disassembly are a breeze. The SLAMDAM® requires little maintenance and is characterised - due to the use of durable EPDM material - by a very long life span. Moreover, the material is 100% recyclable.


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