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A unique construction, fully patented


The apparently simple design of the SLAMDAM® is reflected its outward appearance. Nonetheless, its unique characteristics are out of sight. A 'temporary' dam should have at least one specific characteristic, namely that it will remain stable and in place during flooding or disasters.

With SLAMDAM®, you can rest assured that it will do so, as it contains two tubes which must be filled at the same time. A specially developed intermediate membrane forms two compartments—two compartments that reinforce one another. When water exerts external pressure on the SLAMDAM®, the compartment under stress is pushed upwards slightly, whereupon the opposing compartment 'slots in' underneath, thereby ensuring the requisite counterpressure. This counteracts a lever-effect.

Due to its unique construction, the SLAMDAM® is optimally stressed when the water level is high and, as opposed to other systems, it barely moves when in use. In addition, the flexibility of the material ensures that the system can be used on any surface. While the systems currently on the market are limited to a level disparity of 15 mm, SLAMDAM® has no such limitation.


slamdam vergelijk

SLAMDAM® is available in several product models for a wide range of applications.


SLAMDAM® is TÜV-certified in accordance with PAS 1188.


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